Weight Watchers Magazine

Weight Watchers Magazine

Weight Watchers Magazine delivers smart advice and delicious recipes that can help you succeed with your weight loss program and feel great about yourself. In addition to dozens of low-cal recipes, in each issue you’ll also discover new ways to shop and eat smarter, weight loss do’s and dont’s, motivating success stories from real people, plus much more!

Here is what customers say:

“This is a “must have” subscription for all Weight Watchers members. The content is exactly what you need to stay on track and motivated. The format allows you to view one page at a time (when your Kindle is upright) or both pages together just like the paper version (when your kindle is sideways). You can even zoom in on the pages. There is a carousel type menu (showing the page numbers & pictures), and a table of contents enabling you to browse and go to specific pages.

Having Weight Watchers magazine on my Kindle is also very convenient. You can take it anywhere! Personally, I find it easier to follow the recipes from my Kindle, and even shop for the recipe’s ingredients. The best part is I can save the magazines for inspiring stories and recipes without creating a magazine mountain in my house!

Having this magazine on your Kindle will give you one more reason to love this amazing magazine!”

“This is great on the Kindle Fire HD. So crisp and clear. Also you can double click an article to see it in plain text. Absolutely love this magazine and so glad I can have it on my Kindle.”

“I really enjoy this magazine, and the Kindle edition is great, I like that I can double tap an article and it makes it bigger and easier to read. I like to keep my magazines and having them on kindle keeps my home clutter free!”

“Love Weight Watchers Magazine. Now that I have a Kindle, I can afford the subscription. I can have Weight Watchers Magazine with me and stay motivated.”

“Love that WW has made the magazine more accessible. Tons of information, innovative ideas for receipes. Healthy, workable, motivational and well put together.”

Weight Watchers Magazine


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