The Thin’s Woman Brain: Rewiring the Brain for Permanent Weight Loss

Here is what customers say about The Thin’s Woman Brain: Rewiring the Brain for Permanent Weight Loss book:

“Much to my dismay, at age 40 my weight began to creep up. I assumed it was because of my age, a slower metabolism and hormonal changes. But after reading the Thin Woman’s Brain, I realized this was not so! I had tried EVERY diet program, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Atkins as well as medically supervised programs with hunger suppressing medications. Each was successful to varying degrees. However, I ALWAYS gained the weight back. How could this happen? How could I be so weak? I have been on a weight loss/weight gain roller coaster for the last 20 years. That is until I read the Thin Woman’s Brain, and then my life changed.

I was beyond excitement as I read this book because there is actually real science, published credible studies on why people overeat. And there are tools to fix it at the root cause – your brain – permanently! Oh my – no more yoyo diet failures, and no more shame that goes along with those failures.

When I first read the book, I was so excited, but somewhat skeptical. How could a person like me who could eat an entire pint of ice cream in one setting, feel satisfied with a small amount? But now I do! And I was certain that my afternoon sugar cravings were real hunger. They were not! Being able to recognize that some of these automatic behaviors, such as going to the vending machine at work for a candy bar, really meant I just needed to take a short break.

I did this program along with two friends. While the weight was falling off of them, mine remained the same. I was following the protocol faithfully, but my weight didn’t budge. And then I revisited the Insulin Resistance section and thought could I be one of those 5% of the population that is Insulin Resistant? Once I realized that this might be the culprit to my weight loss challenges I consulted with my doctor and he confirmed that I was insulin resistant and I began to employ the tools outlined in Appendix B and lost five pounds in four days! Now I am well on my way to achieving my weight loss goals, but would never have done so if I hadn’t read this book.”

“In all honesty, I hate fad diets. I can’t stand “dieting tricks.” If I have to seriously work hard to control myself, I know that I’m not going to be successful.

I used to be thin. I wore a size 1 jeans, but I still felt fat. The only reason I was able to stay that thin was because I had a rigorous dance schedule. But, I still massive amounts of food. Now, I’ve had a child, and I am about 60 pounds overweight, even 9 months after giving birth. I have seriously unhealthy eating habits. And, through this book, I have learned that my unhealthy eating habits were learned.

This book was so great to read. I felt so comfortable, like I was talking to a friend. It wasn’t at all like those awful “weight loss experts” that flex their perfectly sculpted muscles and chomp down on celery as they talk down to you. The author really made it seem like losing this weight for good is possible.

It’s not a diet. Yes, it is going to take some work, but her methods are already starting to affect me. Like, learning about the way “The Naturally Thin Woman’s Brain” thinks about food, and some of the habits that were explained seem so obvious, that I feel amazed that no one else has really thought of this before.

I learned the difference between brain hunger and physical hunger. I have a serious problem with that. I also figured out that I use food to stuff my feelings down. I don’t get sad or angry; I get hungry. But I’m learning to notice the difference.

I also have noticed, even in just a few days of reading this book, that I have already adopted a habit: waiting to eat a full meal until I can really enjoy it. No more eating on the fly. And I’m not scared to leave food on my plate anymore. Just last night, I subconsciously left ¼ of my hamburger on my plate when, normally, I would have finished it off.

I have to say, this book was great. It is readable, and it has some seriously good information. I am feeling so confident, and I know I can make this lifestyle change. Thank you, Dilia! You are an amazing author and teacher!”

‘I’m not a female and I don’t have a weight issue. However someone that I love dearly has been struggling with weight issues for a very long time. She has done everything, I mean it, if there has been a diet, a shake, a program, she has done them all. She even seriously consider gastric bypass. As her family we also have tried to help: Praise, shame, reward, reasoning, appealing to emotion, nothing helped. So when I saw the titled of this book I was intrigued and I thought that I would browse it.

This book has opened my eyes, it is an amazing look into the myths, trends, and cold, hard facts about weight loss. I had no idea that 97% of people who lose a significant amount of weight regain it in a year or less. Brain scans actually show that “comfort eating is a myth”—-the dopamine levels in the brain of an obese person are actually much LOWER than a thin person eating the same food. They actually enjoy food less. So why do they do it?

I finally understand what my relative has been going through and I will do everything in my power to make sure she reads it. I highly recommend this book for anyone tired of fighting the diet rollercoaster, who wants to reprogram her brain to return to health and break the diet cycle once and for all!”


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