Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt, One Size, Black

Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt, One Size, Black

Bracoo specializes in combining innovative technology and high quality materials to produce sporting equipment like no others. Each piece is made with superior craftsmanship and examined by the highest standards in the industry. Every Bracoo product aims to help you achieve your maximum potential on and off the court. From performance enhancement to ultimate protection, Bracoo has got you covered!

Bracoo waist trimmers are professionally engineered to help you remove excess water weight from the waist area. Made of 100% neoprene, the Bracoo waist trimmer is designed to insulate body heat. You can wrap it around your waist during work out or doing daily choirs. Waist trimmer keeps the heat generated by your body and helps you sweat off excessive water to achieve the goal of “trimming.” It can also provide fundamental support to your lower back muscle and help relieve back pain. You can wear it either under or outside of clothes. Lightweight and flexible. One size fits up to 40 inch.

Warning: Please do not wear if you have an open wounds, or if you’re susceptible to dermatitis or allergic to Neoprene. Do not wear for more than 2-3 hours as Neoprene is designed to use for short periods. Do not wear while sleeping.

Here is what customers say:

“To be very honest, I purchased this item after I purchased the McDavid waist trimmer which I did like very much BUT the McDavid waist trimmer began to rip and fray after only a very few wears. I am a bigger girl about size 18 jeans and m/l tops… with large hips and I believe the fraying was caused by having to wrap around my hips… I like to wear two belts at a time so that my upper hips and torso are completely covered… right up under my sports bra..

So when I received the package and opened the Yasco Adjustable Waist Trimmer up I was very, very pleased to see that all the edges were sewed with additional smooth material! I put it on right away and no ripping sounds or frayed edges when I took it off…

It is a snug fit but that only motivates me to lose more inches verses pounds…

The first day I wore it around the house while doing chores and I did sweat a bit… surprise… then I wore it on the treadmill and sweat even more! I went and hugged my hubby after and he was all “gross your sweaty” I was totally thrilled by this that i smooshed his hand to my back so he could feel the sweat more which only caused him to grin and call me gross again… So far I have worn it every day since receiving it and it hasnt ripped or frayed and stays snug… though I can tell Im having to rap it tighter… from possible inches lost but I havent measured… Its a really great feeling when you purchase a product for a great price and it does exactly what it advertises to do… Will be buying from this company again in the future!”

“This belt does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Make you sweat like crazy!!! Even if you’re just walking. I’m writing this review 2 months later because I lost 15lbs!! And the belt helped me lose most of the fat that’s hanging around my tummy. I was only walking 5 miles 4 days a week. And a little 30 minute home workout and boy did I and my family and co-workers see results. However you have to do your part as well. EAT CLEAN AND HAVE A CONSISTENT WORKOUT,!!! You will not see results if you put the belt on for 10 minutes than go eat Burger King. It defeats the purpose. So overall 10/10 :-)”

Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt, One Size, Black


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